No spend weekend ideas with kids

One of the reasons that we are trying to work on simplifying our lives is because I want to focus on making more memories. But we are also trying to watch our spending and budget. So that means that we’ve had to get creative on outings with the kids.

Visit your local library

One of my favorite places to go to when I was younger was the library. So we have started a tradition with Mila for the past couple months now to go to the library every 2 weeks.

I must say that libraries have improved tremendously since what I can remember and it now becomes a whole experience for children instead of just “going to borrow books.”

Check your local library for the various events that they have. The one near me has a story time several times a week and it’s divided into various age groups. They even have a “Baby Story time” for any baby up until 18 months!

Go to a playground

The playground is always a fun easy place to bring your kids. Try to go to different ones so it becomes a new adventure for your child. This past weekend our weather was actually nice after a few weeks of really cold weather. Just 2 weeks ago we had two days of snow here in Las Vegas. So I seized the opportunity to bring Mila to a nearby playground this past weekend and she had so much fun.

To change things up, bring homemade sandwiches for lunch and make it a picnic. Or bubbles from home, or a bike / scooter to ride around.

Bonus: kids usually play so hard that they take an awesome long nap when you get home.

Here are some other places you can visit / do:

  • Pull up Netflix & heat up some popcorn to make it a family movie night
  • Go on a hike
  • Play board /card games
  • Look up your local hotel to see if there are free attractions for kids (Here in Vegas there are aquariums in the Silverton Casino & the Mandalay Bay)
  • Go to the beach
  • Sign up for free kids workshops at Home Depot or Michael’s

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this post of no spend activities to do with your kids. Do you have other ideas? Please share them in the comments below. Thank you for reading!


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