How to throw a simple but awesome baby shower

This is a sponsored post. All thoughts, experiences, and opinions are my own.

It’s officially baby season! I know so many people who are expecting little ones on the way and it makes me so excited. It also means it’s another great excuse to throw a party! I find great joy in planning events for others (baby showers, birthdays, weddings).

To me no matter what the occasion, the most important thing is to think about what the people celebrating would want, and focus on that.

I like to keep things simple but put great attention into details to make things memorable for the guest of honor and attendees. 

I am going to share a few tips that have allowed me to throw great parties without going overboard or over budget! 

Spend time on the invite

The invites are the VERY first thing that guests will see and creates a vision on what they can expect from the event, and gets them excited. I spend a GREAT deal of time picking / designing the perfect invitation. 

I recently discovered basic invite and I really loved the variety of designs that they have. They have designs for pretty much every occasion, and it’s very customizable. They have over 180 color options! 

They also have over 40 colors of envelopes, an address capturing service, and one of the very few websites with custom samples. The best thing about them is that you can get a copy of your invite to make sure it’s exactly how you want it before ordering in bulk.

We are thinking of throwing a simple office party for my 2 coworkers that are expecting in the summer, so I decided to use them to create an invite. It was so hard to choose because they have so many cute options, but since one is having a boy, and the other a girl, I thought this invite fit in really well.

And great news! Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51

Here are some other great items you can find from them:

Feed your guests

It doesn’t have to be a feast, but I think what makes or breaks a party is also the food. You will always remember if the food was really good (or really bad!).

If it’s for a kid’s birthday, then non-messy finger food snacks are the obvious way to go. For an office party, make sure you cover all your bases for everyone (i.e, vegans, on a diet, etc). Mini sandwiches, chips with dip, along with veggie trays and fruit platters go a long way to feed a crowd.

Don’t overdo the decor

Although it would be nice to have a whole room of decor, it’s never in my budget. Use the dessert or sign-in table as a focal point. Draw out what you have and list what colors everything is so when everything comes together, it will blend nicely (ex: vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting, light blue pretzel rods). Use different size plates or various containers for height and contrast.

Balloons are a simple cost that can be used to decorate or find a banner template to print out at home. Diaper cakes, alphabet blocks and children’s books are a good double use: decor and gifts for mom to be to take home with her after the party is finished.

Have some fun

Have some fun with baby shower games. Games are a great ice breaker. I think it’s better to play a game every so often. That will keep the party going, instead of having them wait for a specified time to play games.

Some of my favorite games to play are:

  • Draw a baby (guests have 60 seconds to draw a baby on a paper plate on top of their head; mom to be will choose the best drawing)
  • Find the safety pins (in a bag of rice, blind-folded!)
  • Diaper duty (melt various chocolates in diapers and have guests guess what’s in each diaper)
  • Baby food guessing game (remove labels from baby food jars and have them guess what food is what!)

Basic invite also has some baby shower games and I came across this awesome idea of Baby Shower Bingo. I think this is a great way for guests to interact while the mommy to be is opening her presents!

Have party favors

It’s always nice for guests to take something home. When I plan out party favors, again, I always try to appeal to the attendees without breaking the budget. There are so much more awesome things to think of then just candy:

  • Travel sized hand sanitizers
  • Homemade cookies or some other dessert
  • Nail polish
  • Popcorn bags/jars
  • Flower/tree to plant (with “watch me grow” tags)
  • Sugar/body scrubs
Photo from: The Bump

Those are my tips for throwing a simple but great baby shower. Again, always remember who and why you are celebrating. Thank you for reading. What do you do when you are throwing a party? I’d love to hear it in the comments!


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