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Mama’s can have meltdowns too

It was a rough week and I’ve been super stressed about every little thing. Things have not been going as planned and this past Friday I was throwing myself a pity party and mad at the world.

For personal reasons we had to temporarily pull Mila out of school and even though this what we have to do for our family at the moment, it SUCKS.

I know it’s affecting her behavior because she is acting out.

But I can’t blame her; she needs an outlet and way more brain stimulation then what she’s getting while we’re at work.

And I’ve been frustrated that I don’t have enough time in the day to do what I want to do with my kids.

I almost feel like a bad mom for having to work and not stay home with them.

And by the time I do come home at 5:30pm there is only a short window and I’m beyond exhausted. Between making dinner and prepping the next day, my playtime with them is limited.

I’ve also been stressed because even though I said I would carve out more “me time” this year, I haven’t yet.

I’ve been in this never-ending cycle of stress and non-stop and it has my anxiety through the roof.

So this weekend we decided to go to the Fashion Show Mall on the strip. The ONLY time we do anything is on the strip (if it’s not for a show) is when we have visitors in town.

But I needed to get out of my element/comfort zone and do something different.

Mila LOVES legos!

And let me tell you, I feel better already. We didn’t go on a shopping spree (I told you, were budgeting this year) or eat at the many great restaurants that are near that area. We settled for window shopping and dinner in the food court. PS (We tried this place for dessert and it was delish!)

So when you mamas are on the verge of a breakdown, get OUT. Do something you don’t normally do, and get out of routine. The distraction is just the perfect thing to get out of your head.

Of course, your problems don’t just go away, but taking a breather and stepping outside of your bubble does help. It clears your mind and reminds you that no matter what kind of craziness is going on in your life, it will pass.

Keira was happy to be out too! 🙂

Take a deep breath, and take in the moments.

And just know that you will get through it, and overcome, and do better because that’s what Mom’s do.


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