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Valentines Gifts for Him – On a Budget

Hi all! Last week I did a blog on ideas for Valentine’s day gifts for her/mom, and I promised that I would do one for ideas for guys/dads as well. I feel like I had a harder time writing this one because of course, I know what I (other moms) want!

He is a pretty laid back guy and extremely introverted. He doesn’t ask for much, so I’m hoping this list will do him justice. I tried hard to put myself in his shoes, so I pray that when he sees this post, he approves.

Uninterrupted TV/Gaming

If my husband had his way, he would have this every day. In his spare time, (actually, almost any chance he gets) he’s on his XBOX. Give him a couple hours of gaming/tv/movies (whatever he prefers) and I’m sure he would love it.

And when I say interrupted, it means not having to press “pause” to change a diaper or make a snack for the kids. Better yet, take them out of the house so that there’s no chance that he can be bothered.

Remind Him

After several years of being together, you at times, don’t do things as often as you used to in the beginning. When you factor in kids, sometimes these things can be nearly impossible. We’re all guilty of it, myself included.

Find a cool way of reminding him why you love him. Make him a book (even made out of construction paper!) with all the things you love and let the kids do some pages too! Or write them down on popsicle sticks or pretty paper and stick them in a decorative mason jar.

Image from : Evite

One year, I used heart-shaped post-it’s and on each one, I wrote down a reason why I loved him. I stuck them all over our room and when he came home, so that is what he walked in on. Or take those papers and place them around the house to make a little scavenger hunt game for him.

He will appreciate the time that you took into writing these down. Although they won’t admit it, I fully believe that guys truly love the sentimental reminders as well.

Make Dessert

I’m not a baker as much as I am a cook. I find that it’s a lot easier for me to throw things in a pot and taste test then it is to take the time to carefully measure ingredients or wait for butter to soften. Once in a while, I try to find simple desserts to make because my husband has a big sweet tooth.

Bake some of his favorite cookies, or his favorite cake. Try a no-bake cheesecake or apple pie. See if you can find his favorite dessert online and make it at home. One year I had baked something similar to these red velvet brownies but I added Oreos into my cream cheese topping and he loved it! Remember: the way to get to a man’s heart is to go through his stomach.

This picture is not mine, but from: So, HOW’S IT TASTE?

Show (extra) Affection

This may seem like an odd thing to put on this list, but trust me when I say that men need just as much attention (if not more) than women. I have really been slacking in this department.

My husband has had jury duty this past week so our schedules have been off our normal routine. He is usually the one that leaves before me, but this week I’ve been the first to leave and the other day I forgot to kiss him goodbye. I had kissed the girls, but was pre-occupied and didn’t give him one. He called me out on it later, so that’s proof that the guys know and remember when you miss those little things.

It should be daily, but if anything, make Valentine’s Day a special effort to give him that extra kiss or the just-because hug. I know I will try my very best that he gets my attention/affection too and not just the kids.

A Massage

This one is plain and simple: EVERYONE could use a massage. That’s why this item is on the list for men and women. Use your arm strength and treat him to a nice massage. Target the areas that hurt him the most and spend more time in those sore spots.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed these 5 simple gift ideas for your man for Valentine’s Day. The best part is all of these tips don’t cost any money but will make him happy and show your love and appreciation. Thank you for reading! Comment below if you have other good ideas for gifting on a budget!


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