What to expect when your baby has flat head syndrome

At Keira’s 4 month check up, the Dr told me to encourage more tummy time because the back of her head was pretty flat. It’s hard to tell with all that hair, but I didn’t think much of it because I thought it would just naturally shape over time. They said they would revisit it in 2 months.

But as time went on, no matter how much I tried to avoid laying her down for long periods of time, it didn’t seem to be getting any better. We bought her an activity saucer where she spent a lot more of her time, but it didn’t do much. Sure enough, at her 6 month check up the doctor recommended that we see a Orthotic Specialist. I was a bummed. I’ve seen those helmets before and they don’t look very comfortable. I worried about how Keira would hold up being in one.

The Consultation

The consultation was pretty straightforward. She explained a little bit more about the different types of flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly or Brachycephaly) and the common causes. She showed us various before and after pictures and it was pretty phenomenal to see how much a baby’s face can change/improve from just wearing the helmet for a short period of time. She finally took measurements of Keira’s had and right away knew that Keira’s measurements went above the minimum number required for insurance to consider it covered.


Today’s technology is truly amazing! I had this horrible vision in my head of Keira sitting miserably while a huge machine consumed her for scanning, but this was so not the case. The first thing that they did was put on this very light nylon type of stocking to keep her hair in tact while taking initial pictures 

And then this is what they used for their scanning process. It was a very thin and stretchy and very swimming cap like. The Dr said these little circles on the cap “talk to each other” for the scanning process. She then put stickers on Keira’s nose, forehead, and ears for position and proceeded to record her from various angles using her phone (a specific phone made just for this scanning technology). It literally took no more than 10 minutes and although Keira whined for the first few seconds, she was fine once the Dr gave her toys as a distraction.

All in all it was a very smooth non stressful appointment. A lot of people may wonder why we didn’t just “let it be” and let Keira grow out of it, but I didn’t want to miss that small window of opportunity before the skull hardens (around 1 year). This is for her future and I want her to live the best life that she possibly can. For those of you who may encounter this with your kids, I encourage you to take a consultation appointment and explore all options before you decide what’s best for you and your little. The helmet should be done in about 10 days, so I will very much be giving y’all an update!


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