The best friend I never saw coming

I first met Sheena in 2006 when I transferred branches when I was working my first “real” job as a Teller at Bank of Hawaii. I knew of her before actually meeting her, because she was known in the company for being one of the top tellers at the time, which was pretty intimidating. Not only was she one of the top producers, but she was doing so while going to school at UH for her BA. There was 6 of us girls working at the branch that really hit it off, Sheena, Mel, Mary, Roanne, Roci, and myself. Even as we all slowly parted ways and moved on to different phases of our life, Sheena and I remained close.

Throughout the years we have some kick-ass memories. We would go to UH Football games during the perfect season of Colt Brennan. We camped outside of the Blaisdell Arena together just to get front row seats to a Jabbawockeez show. We also went out and partied on the weekends and I was with her when she and her now-husband started dating. I have her to thank for my obsession with “The Bachelor”, and our husbands always joke that she and I are actually married to each other.

Fast forward it is now the year 2019. I’ve known this girl for about 13 years now, and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. Through that 13 years, we have managed to go through some major life changes with each other by our side. Breakups, getting married, kids, losing closed loved ones, new degrees, new jobs, new houses, and my big move; we have been there with each other through it all and our friendship has never faltered.

She is an amazing wife, mother, teacher, and friend. She has always been the one to encourage me to live my best life, to keep reaching for more. She inspires me to constantly push through when things get tough, just like I see her do all the time. Everyone needs a friend like her. Someone who is going to be there for you during huge moments and basically do life with you, even from a thousand miles away.

Why am I writing about her? Well, today is her birthday and I want to celebrate her on this very special day. So, Sheena, I wish you the very best birthday that you could possibly have. Thank you for being a part of my life. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you in person, but hopefully sooner rather than later. Cheers to this one and many many more birthdays to come.


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