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3 New Years Goals for families that can be achieved

I love the feeling of a New Year. Its a fresh start, a clean state, a “do over” of things you may want to do different, or things you didn’t get to do during the last year. However, most of the time I feel like sometimes people try to run before they walk, so to speak and they are not able to keep up with their goals because they are not practical. I think the key to achieving ANY type of goal has to start from being realistic. And so I wanted to share some of my goals for 2019 for our family.

Live Simply:

Becoming a home owner I think comes with good and bad. Of course it’s really nice to have our own place just us, but at the same time I noticed that we have accrued a whole lot of STUFF because we have a house to put it in. I definitely want to reduce the “wants” of next year and live simply. No more impulse spending and more saving. The husband and are ready to tackle this TOGETHER.

Make Healthier Choices:

I am definitely not disciplined enough to eat EVERYTHING organic, or go into diets, but I can take baby steps. Less of settling for convenience of fast food, and more exercise. I want to focus on making sure there are lots of good nutrition in the meals I prepare for the family. Exercise weekly by going on family walks is something simple but good for all of us.

More Quality time:

Spending more time as a family is a must. If my house is messy, then it means we are having fun. The husband and I also need to have more quality time together. I believe we had a total of maybe 3 or 4 times this past year where we were together without the kids. Next year and every year after that, we have to remember to give ourselves time with each other apart from the kids.

I also have personal goals that I want to hit but these is just a brief overview of plans that I have for our family that I think anyone can accomplish. Do you have goals for your family? If so comment below!


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