White Elephant Gift Ideas for Coworkers

I organized a White Elephant Gift Exchange in our office for the second year in a row and it was quite a success. We’ve done this instead of Secret Santa because in my previous jobs I found that people had a hard time trying to decide a gift for someone they didn’t know very well.

We could also play Secret Santa and have each person write down things they wanted, but I personally think that’s not as fun and takes away the element of surprise; which I think, is something that is the best part of gift giving.

We did nice gifts (no gag gifts!) and they had to be within the $20-$25 range. No gift cards were allowed (that’s too easy)! We limited the gifts to 2 steals because there was 20 of us playing.

Everyone had a lot of fun stealing and several people came up to me at the end and told me they had lots of fun and there were a lot of good gifts. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of these “hot items” if some of you are looking for some gifts for last minute holiday shopping over the weekend.

  • Echo Dot $19.99 We had 3 of these and they were all stolen, quick! This voice-controlled speaker uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, make calls, answer questions, and set alarms to say the least.
  • Starbucks Coffee & Mug Set with Ornament $24.95 This is not the exact one that was in our exchange but I found a similar one on Macy’s website. It comes with a Mug, Coffee, and a cute matching ornament for the tree. Who doesn’t love Starbucks?
  • PAC Man Gaming Set $15.99 I may be a little bias, because this is the gift I bought for the exchange. This set has a few other games that will bring major nostalgia to any adult, and it’s easily connect via HDMI. It didn’t quiet meet with price range so I also included this Social Sabotage $9.97 card game with it.
  • Snow Globe Christmas Lantern $27.99 I got something similar to this. If you press the button that is attached, it makes the snow move around and it makes a addition to any Holiday decor.
  • Bailey’s Liqueur $22.99 Any type of alcohol will always be a safe but good gift. We also had some wine sets in there. All of the alcohol were the first gifts to get stolen twice.

We’re 4 days away from a Christmas, so I hope this helps with all your shopping! If you have any other great ideas for gifts please comment below.


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