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Fun Christmas Traditions for young children that you should start

Growing up, I looked forward to Christmas. It was the one day a year the family would all get together, and our traditions were so much fun.

We’d gather for a really good lunch, we’re talking a crab legs & prime rib kind of lunch! We’d then relax and my Uncle Nelson would sneak away when no one noticed and he’d dress up as Santa Clause.

A few of us older cousins immediately knew it was him, but when most of the kids were small they had no idea. We’d let him come from the outside of the house, ringing his bells saying “Ho,ho, ho” and act super excited that “Santa’s here!” He’d call each kid by name, one by one, with a present for them, and have them sit on his lap. The kids loved waiting for their name to be called, crossing their fingers that they were on the “nice list”.

After Santa’s visit, we would have all the kids pick a spot to sit, and the adults would pass out presents. Once everyone got their presents, we would say “ready set go” and all the children would have at it. It was chaotic and the house was a mess when it was all said and done, but the memory of how much fun it was will never fade.

We’d usually play games too, like Candy Cane Relay Races, Scavenger Hunts, and Dance offs. We would also play White Elephant as a family, and the funniest part was my Granny would give a gift no one really wanted (like Toilet Paper) but hide $ inside to trick us.

Nowadays, a couple of us have moved and most of the kids are bigger and living their own lives. As sad as that is, I promised myself I would start my own traditions now that I have my own little family. Because the girls are still younger, I’ll have to hold off on games but I include fun little things that Mila is old enough to do.

  • We have a “Sleeps till Santa” countdown calendar where she can each day cross it out to see how much more nights before Santa comes. She doesn’t quite get the countdown part but at this point, she knows we’re almost at the end!
    • We also bought this

    Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookie Kit 

      from Target. AJ and Mila did this together and even though Mila had more fun playing with the icing than anything else, it was still cute to see them get a little creative. You can obviously tell whose is who.

I definitely have more that I already have in mind next year, but for now that is all. What other ideas for traditions for little ones? Please share your ideas with me in the comments.

Merry Christmas!


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