The sad truths about Mom Guilt

The other night was our company holiday party and although it was fun, I’ve come to realize that going anywhere without your kids never feels the same. There’s this feeling embedded in you after your kids are born, and I don’t think it ever goes away. It makes anything you do without your kids feel foreign, and you wonder how you made it through life before it. I’m pretty sure it’s called “Mom Guilt for a reason; because dads don’t have it. I’ve complied a list of ways to tell if you have Mom Guilt:

• You constantly complain about needing time alone, but the minute you get it, you don’t know what to do with yourself.

• Wherever you are, you will always wonder (at least once) what you’re kids are doing at that exact moment.

• Going to the store alone is a guilty pleasure, but you’ll always come home with goldfish or fruit snacks or some other surprise toy of some sort for them.

• Anytime you do anything fun that doesn’t involve your kids, you question whether or not you should be.

• Anytime you scold your kid for anything, you’ll always doubt whether or not you’re doing it correctly (there’s not).

• You’re going to question if you’re actually doing ANYTHING right.

• You stressfully are always trying to be the “Perfect Mom” in comparison to others (there is no such thing as a perfect mom)

Anyone else have strong mom guilt game wherever they go?


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