Family & Relationships

Date nights after kids

My husband and I finally had a date the other night after about 8 months. It’s hard to have date nights because we have no one to really watch the kids, so when my mom offered to watch the girls so we can go out to eat, we jumped at the chance!

It was a nice hour and a half of eating (uninterrupted!) and having much needed conversations. Of course we talked about the kids half the time, but we also had some much needed talk about our future and plans for 2019.

One of our goals for next year is that we are going to try harder to spend more time together. It’s so easy to get caught up in the every day bustle of taking care of the house and kids. We both admit that we need to give each other more attention; even if we don’t have a sitter to go out we can still find various ways to spend time when the kids are asleep. Board games and movies are things that come to mind that we will try to incorporate as part of “date nights”.

What are different things you and your significant other do to spend quality time together after having kids?


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