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My dear son

There’s a saying that things get easier with time, and I think for the most part that holds true; but not for this. You left again and for me, it gets harder with each goodbye.

The time in between each visit is more brutal than the last, and as you get older I watch time go by that could’ve been time spent with me and your sisters.

You are an amazing brother. Sure, you and Mila bicker once in a while but for the most part, you are just what a big brother should be: funny, playful, loving, and protective.

I will miss every routine with you. Especially Mila. Always asking me to sleep on your bed. When she did eventually wake up, she spent every effort trying to wake you up and drag you out of bed, bossily telling you to brush your teeth and eat breakfast. She’d only want to hold your hand when we were out. She’d copy everything you do and drag all her toys from her room to yours just to be near you. At night, reading her a story (or two) and her goodnight kisses.

Today is the start of another countdown and although we face timed & talk on the phone daily it’s never enough. I will never NOT miss you. I’m hoping that one day (soon) our plans will work out & this will all change for the better for our little family.


A mama who really misses her boy.


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