Pumping/Breastfeeding Diaries: Part 1

As I walked pass my coworker with my “pumping bag” (which is really a reusable Disney tote bag) she asked me “How long are you going to keep doing that?” I realized I didn’t know the answer.  With my first born I could only breastfeed/pump for about 3 months, and with my second, it was about 7 months.  Because Keira had an easier time to latch on, I set the goal for myself when she was born for 1 year. We’re 3 days away of 6 months in and I’m trying to assess the pros and cons.

  • I hate pumping. I hate it hate it with a passion. My days are pretty hectic at work and carving away 2 30 minute sessions really throws my day off schedule. 
  • My milk supply is decreasing. As Keira’s appetite grows I can no longer pump enough for a bottle. It usually takes me at least 2 pump sessions to give her a bottle but there are times I’m only pumping 2-3 oz a session now. Not to mention Keira is taking a liking to the bottle these days because she’s impatient to wait for the letdown.
  • I miss wine. I know that I can buy those test-your-milk strips, but I haven’t had the heart to take the chance in drinking wine while breastfeeding.
But of course, there are pros to continuing. For all you mama’s out there: what’s your thought process on when / how to stop ?

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