Deals on Black Friday

I thought I would change it up a bit and talk about the amazing deals that I couldn’t pass up this past weekend. One of my best friends calls me “Christmas Queen” and I truly hold to the name, because every year like clock work by the time Cyber Monday hits I’m about 80% done with my Christmas shopping. So I thought I’d share some of the things I got.

I had 13 kids on my list for my part of the shopping (not including my own kids!) so I did a lot of shopping at Carters! They had really good deals even before Black Friday and they’ve been running sales all weekend long. Their door busters had long sleeve tees for kids starting at $3.97 and cute Christmas PJ’s like these

for $5.97 for all the kiddos to match! I’ve always loved buying the Carters brand because they seem to last despite the wear and tear and constant washing.

My husband had been wanting these Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Wireless for a while now. He hates those crappy Apple ones that always come off your ear that comes with the Phone. The best part is they connect wirelessly to your phone so you’re never tangled up. 

AJ and Mila are old enough to pick out things they wanted so I got a few things that were on their list. Even though Keira isn’t old enough to know what Christmas really is, I’ve gotten her a couple items that will be perfect for her age right now. She is rolling over a lot and will soon be crawling /sitting unassisted so I’m aiming at good developmental items.

Did anyone else score awesome deals this weekend? Now it’s time for another thing I love to do during the holidays: wrap!


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