Tantrums in Public Places

I don’t think anything ever prepares you for toddler tantrums. No matter how much kids you’ve already had, or numerous books you’ve read on great parenting skills, you never know your true test of patience and endurance until your child enters the “terrible twos” or “threenager” phase.

Mila has been really testing our patience these last few weeks. I think it has to do with the fact that she hasn’t been getting much sleep/ rest during nap time because of the new set of kids that are in her class (more about that in another blog). Today was a prime example of how bad things can get.

She had a full blown meltdown at Olive Garden tonight. She was making lots of noises, playing with her utensils, talking back, and she couldn’t keep still while waiting for her food, and then she started whining when we told her she couldn’t sit in Keira’s car seat!

I’ve was reading up on how to tackle a tantrum and one of the suggestions was removing the child from the situation. So I carried her and when I told her I was taking her outside she threw more of a fit. She screamed and yelled “no” (I swear half the restaurant heard) and kicked and screamed while everyone I passed watched. I sat her down on the benches outside and let her scream, kick, and cry for what felt like forever. Then she was crying to go back inside and I calmly told her we would go back inside when she felt better and knew how to behave. And I repeated it a few times.

It was really hard for me to not get angry back (like I normally do when my patience is wearing thin) especially how big of a scene she was causing as people went in and out of the restaurant. But eventually she calmed down and we went back inside. And you know what? She was a good girl for the rest of dinner. She sat nicely and ate her food and was happy again.

What does everyone else do during a tantrum ?


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