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AJ meets Keira

After 7 months, AJ is finally back here in Vegas.  This was the longest I’ve gone without seeing him, and it was pretty brutal.

Although we face time almost every day, it’s never the same and I’ve had hard moments were I get extremely sad that he is not living here yet (but that’s a whole other story and we will save it for another blog).

He arrived Saturday night at almost midnight so both of them were already asleep when he got to the house. But on Sunday morning, I let Mila wake him up and it was the best thing in the world.  She was shy for the first 5 minutes but then got so excited.  This is right after she woke him up and their very first picture all together.IMG_5334

He’s been here for a few days now and seeing the 3 of them together is so surreal. I can’t believe that I have 3 kids now and it warms my soul. I feel so complete with him here.

Mila adores him and is so happy to have him around. She follows him around 24/7 and wants to copy everything he does.

And Keira, it’s like she’s known that was her brother all along.  The moment she saw him, she smiled at him immediately, and it doesn’t take him much to make her smile/laugh.  I wish I could keep this moment, forever.

IMG_5358 (1)

I know the next few weeks will fly by so I’m going to be sure to soak up every single second.


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