5 month stump

I know that parenting is supposed to be tiring, but I don’t remember reading about the part where your 5 month old becomes a newborn again. I’m not sure if it’s cuz she’s teething (she’s been drooling, biting her fingers, and trying to put everything in her mouth) but she has been up every 2 hours every night for the past couple weeks. Because Lucky starts every morning at 4:30am, I try hard not to make him wake up when she does.

In a desperate attempt to find some hope, at about 4am this morning I sat there with Keira in my arms googling “my 5 month old keeps waking up” and found little to no help. Some say she’s still hungry, and I would say she may be a little hungry, but she doesn’t nurse for long, it seems like she does it more for comfort. Some say to ignore her cries and / or sleep train her, and I’m not sure how I feel about that either.

When she wakes up at night she cries HARD. Her cry is not a little whimper that is a small cry for affection and attention. It is a cry of pure “I NEED your help”. I’ve also read some say that it’s a phase that she’ll grow out of on her own, while others have lasted many many months.

It’s hard because I never went through this phase with AJ or Mila. At around this age, I was lucky enough where they were waking up about once a night and it stayed pretty consistent, and they never had any regressions.

Does anyone have any advice ?!


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