The hardest part of being back at work

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. Because, well basically life. Everything has been so busy and this never ending cycle of juggling mom, wife and work duties.

A lot of people ask me how I’m doing, back in the “working world” and if I’m being honest, I’m probably not doing as well as I’d like. You see, I can get up and go to work. I actually don’t mind doing what I do.

I love the people I work with and I’m busy enough that there are days where I don’t even have time to miss my kids.

It’s not being at work that’s hard. It’s after. It’s when you’ve clocked out and by the time you get home you realize what little time you have left of the night.

I’m writing this post now at 10:40pm. And my 3 year old isn’t sleeping yet, AND has school tomorrow. I come home and I realize every day that between my husband and I, we have roughly about 3 hours to get us all bathed, have dinner ready, have everything prepped for the next day, and somehow manage to spend some time with our kids.

People say, “the dishes can wait”. Well, no actually, at least not in our case. Because if the dishes pile up in the sink, then I can’t wash the bottles and if I don’t have clean bottles, then my 4 month old doesn’t have food the next day.

Others may wonder, “well why don’t you prep your bags in the morning instead?” See that doesn’t work for me either, because my husband leaves the house at 4am and my mornings never go the way I want it too, so I have to make it where I’m doing the least amount of things when I’m on my own.

I just wish there was more time in the day after work, and for me to not be so exhausted and worried about the next day but rather be able to fully enjoy the time at home.

It is now 11:13pm and I can barely keep my eyes open; everyone else is asleep. So I’m going to end this here. If anyone knows how to stop time or make it slow down, I’m all ears.


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