Back to work after Maternity Leave

It is absolutely absurd for our government to believe that 12 weeks is enough for a mother to recover from delivery and leave their child. Yet here I am, on the last night of my maternity leave dealing with so much emotions. It’s only been just shy of 3 months that I’ve been away, but it feels like a lifetime.

Although I will look forward to an actual lunch break and adult conversations, it’s definitely not going to compare to being the one that your little one can rely on. And I love my coworkers, but I pick my kids little giggles over them any day. It’s going to be so hard not knowing what she’s doing at all times. Now I know that this is the beginning of missing precious moments, and a few new “firsts.”

Keira and I (and even Mila) had developed a rhythm, and I was able to start deciphering the hungry, tired, or need to burp cries. I (for the most part) mastered our nap times together. Despite me being exhausted everyday, I felt great pride in being Keira’s every need. Now she’ll have to adjust, and have other people try and do that, just when her and I were getting the hang of things. It’s not something for any parent to look forward to. But it’s what I have to do. With this day and age, we got a mortgage to pay for.

Keira was not planned at all but I feel so truly blessed to have her as an addition to our lives. It’s kinda nice to have a little when your other ones are growing so fast. These past 11 weeks have flown by, but I know going back to work will only make the days go by faster.

Going to need all my strength to get through my day tomorrow. 😕


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